”I’m doing droidcon Dubai just out of passion” – interview with Mohamad Harastani

May 30, 2016



Right after droidcon Dubai we chatted with Mohamad Harastani, one of the organizers, about his impressions and plans for the future.



How did you find out about droidcon and had the idea to organize droidcon Dubai?
I love droidcon and I’ve known about it from Berlin for years. I am doing it in Dubai really just out passion.



What was you personal highlight of droidcon Dubai this year?
The high number of female developers was very new in this region, we had many high engaged female developers in this edition which is rarely happening in any other events here.



Statistics are great: could you give us some numbers?
We had more than 200 attendees this year, 4 participants even came from Japan to attend droidcon Dubai and 3 flew in from Canada to get in touch with Android community here.
34% of female attendees and 20% students came to droidcon this year.
All in all, we had 14 talks on two stages.



What was the best part of your event and what do you want to improve in the future?
The best part was the workshops, we are definitely going to work on increasing the number of workshops for the next edition of droidcon Dubai.



What do you like about droidcon the most?
The engagement of the attendees.



Why Android?
Why iOS?



What are your future plans for droidcon?
I am planning to keep on hosting meetups during the year. As for the conference next year, I hope to bring at least 1 keynote speaker and include more talks about game development in general. I think having 1-2 more fun talks would be great, like what we had with Matteo Doni of Skyscanner where he talked about Amazon Echo in a very fun way. We also plan to offer small sponsorship packages <$4000 for small and medium-sized businesses from next year on.



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