droidcon Moscow 2015: How did it go?

December 9, 2015


Alexander Vasiliev, Founder of Apps4All developer community and organizer of droidcon Moscow told us about the event and why he loves droidcon.


How did you get to know droidcon & when and how did you come up with the idea to organize droidcon Moscow?

I am a co-founder of the Apps4All developer community. We bring together app developers and technology companies to help mobile ecosystem grow and to create high-quality successful mobile products. We have gathered more than 3,500 app development companies and regularly help companies like Google, Intel, IBM, Samsung, Microsoft, Qualcomm and others do their developer relation programs.

We first heard about droidcon via Google. They told us droidcon global was looking for somebody to organize a droidcon conference in Russia. We looked into that and really liked the idea of organizing one of the world’s largest, community-driven Android developer conferences in Moscow. The first droidcon Moscow that we had in 2014 was a huge success and we immediately decided to organize one in 2015 too.


What was the best part of droidcon Moscow 2015?

I don’t think I can choose a specific thing about the event, because everything worked out just great. I was really impressed by how much the developer community got involved. Startup ideas were great and I was very proud to see Russian developers pitching their ideas at droidcon Moscow the same way American entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to Silicon Valley VCs – and sometimes better.


Give us some numbers!

Yeah, sure. We had about 750 attendees at droidcon Moscow and more than 3,000 viewers joined us online.

We had 55 speaker sessions on 3 stages, hosted by some of the industries greatest local minds as well as great developers. There was a lot of media coverage and we received very positive feedback about our organization. Now everybody is asking about the next droidcon Moscow already!


Why Android and what are your plans for droidcon and droidcon Moscow?

Well, it is one of the leading platforms in the world! We love Android and we love doing droidcon events – it is so rewarding to contribute to the ecosystem and see it grow.

We are going to continue running droidcon Moscow and making it bigger and better. With time, we are going to do droidcon conferences in other parts of Russia, but first – we are doing droidcon San Francisco on March 17-18, 2016! It is a huge step forward for us and we can’t wait to make it happen. Hope to see you all in San Francisco soon!


Tobias von zur Gathen, project manager at droidcon global, speaking at droidcon Moscow


Find more information about …

… droidcon Moscow on droidcon.moscow.

… droidcon San Francisco on sf.droidcon.com, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.


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