droidcon Dubai joins conference management system

November 18, 2015

We are proud to introduce to you the newthinking conference management system (NCMS) – a content management system especially tailored to the needs of conferences. The NCMS has been developed by the Berlin-based event & IT company newthinking communications GmbH.


In the previous years it has already been used by various conferences organized by newthinking, such as re:publica, Berlin Buzzwords and droidcon Berlin. With droidcon Dubai, the second member of the droidcon family joined in and soon more will follow.


The system features tools for organizing a conference such as call for papers and program curation as well as session, partner and volunteer management. Potential speakers can propose talks or workshops, the program commitee can evalutate and rate these proposals, and the sessions can be arranged easily in the timetable of the event by drag & drop. It is also possible to send mails to speakers or volunteers via the NCMS.



Drubal Logo – by Steven Wittens

It has been realized with Drupal 7 and is based upon a range of modules from the community as well as custom-built extensions. Dashboards and menus support the users according to their rights and roles within the system and assist with pre-defined workflows in the management of content, program and partners. The drag & drop timetable allows to connect a session with a conference stages and a time. There are standardized overview and detail pages for sessions, speakers and partners. If video recordings of the program are available, they can be integrated into the system.


After installing the basic system the administator can choose between two different variations: the domain based (“Domain Access“) and group based version (“Organic Groups“). While first allows to manage different conferences on various domains, the second is ideal to administer one or more recurring conferences under the same domain. 


In both cases the conferences are displayed and managed seperately, content and speaker however can be shared and displayed in all the events. That way one can not only fit it to individual events, but create overall archives (video, images, …) for all conferences.


    Droidcon is the largest global network of developer conferences with a focus on the best in Android. We are dedicated to supporting the Android platform and creating a neutral global network for developers and companies. Our first droidcon conference was held in 2009 in Berlin and since then it has spread to over 20 countries across 4 continents, thus rapidly extending our community-driven conference format around the globe.

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