A short preview of droidcon Bangalore

December 2, 2014

India is one of the most interesting developing markets for mobile devices. Its huge potential attracts developers and manufacturers around the globe. This december droidcon Bangalore brings together developers, app designers and content providers to discuss the latest trends around Android and the challenges associated with a mobile ecosystem that thrives on open­ source software on all sorts of hardware platforms.




droidcon is Indias largest Android developer conference and for its fourth edition it lines up dedicated tracks for deep dives into UI/UX, data sync & versioning as well as app demos and hardware. Trending topics like wearables and the “Internet of Things” will also be part of the vast conference program.


droidcon Bangalore 2014 looks to be a platform for both engaging conference sessions and informal networking and brainstorming discussions. The conference theme and topics intend to include beginner, intermediate and advanced audiences, offering takeaways for each group, thus ensuring a wide spread.




Furthermore you can gather insights on the industries views of the Android ecosystem, as companies like Microsoft, Intel, Epson, Cyanogen and Micromax are part of the conference.


droidcon Bangalore will take place from 5th to 6th december 2014 at the MLR Convention Centre. For further information visit droidcon.in, follow @droidconin on Twitter or write an e-mail to info@hasgeek.com


    Droidcon is the largest global network of developer conferences with a focus on the best in Android. We are dedicated to supporting the Android platform and creating a neutral global network for developers and companies. Our first droidcon conference was held in 2009 in Berlin and since then it has spread to over 20 countries across 4 continents, thus rapidly extending our community-driven conference format around the globe.

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